Kaitlynn SimmondsInitially I had only signed up for the 100 HR YTT, but I enjoyed it so much that I completed the 200 HR YTT and I am currently doing the 50 HR YIN YTT. I really enjoyed having 3 different teachers and learning about Yoga from my teachers who all had diverse backgrounds. I also appreciate the flexibility with the program and making it suitable to meet the needs of the students while covering many different topics. I especially enjoyed learning about the spiritual side of Yoga, and once again all teachers were very knowledgeable and welcoming. Although, I am not the most advanced Yogi I wanted to deepen my knowledge and they made me feel welcomed and safe in this journey. One topic that I do wish we could have spent more time on was Hands-On adjustments, we did do one session but that would be another great workshop or follow up session I would love to participate in. I really appreciate that in the end, we had to teach a class. Initially, I had no intention of teaching, but after teaching the class I enjoyed it so much I decided to step into teaching Yoga and that is another area that Karma has been extremely supportive of by allowing me to teach Community Classes in the studio and it has really allowed me to grow and improve as a Teacher. I would definitely say the course was very well-rounded- rounded and although it seemed like a lot some weekends, in the end, it was worth it and I feel confident enough to teach because I have gained so much knowledge and hands-on practice during the training.   I look forward to more workshops and Teacher Training, the 50 Hr Yin YTT has also been great so far. Vanessa is extremely knowledgeable and passionate and I have learned so much.

Elizaveta Vlasova: I did my yoga teacher training in June 2020. This current time of the year was a perfect decision to complete something I have dreamt of for a long time. I really enjoyed every moment of this YTT, every teacher is very special and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend doing the training in Karma. The price is reasonable and the experience you get is great. Miss those times!

Sarah Slight: I absolutely loved doing my 200 YTT at Karma Yoga. My three teachers, Desire, Leelah, and Ioana are all amazing and I learned so much from them. It was such a life-changing experience.


Anna Moseiva: Did my yoga teacher training this summer with Karma yoga. Very happy with my decision, as now I feel very confident and knowledgeable about different aspects of yoga history, anatomy, and yoga sequencing. Really liked the teachers, Ioana, Leelah, and Ozge. They are very professional, ready to share their knowledge and experience, keeping an open mind to others’ ideas and decisions. The whole teaching process altogether was quite intense, but fun. I really recommend Karma yoga to be your school of choice.

Chirine Khaled: It was a great journey with great teachers, it felt like a family. We went through all basics of yoga and ended up having a well-rounded figure of the course.


Tanya Mansotra: The yoga teacher training went beyond my expectations. I had no idea it would impact me so strongly on a soul level. Not only did I deepen my yogic knowledge I also found my soul family. This course has definitely transformed me on a deeper level. So far has been one of the major life events.

Natalia Diaz: Today I graduate from RYS200 Yoga Teacher Training along with my incredible teachers Ioana, Ozge at Karma Yoga, and my colleagues 🌸 (Mr. Covid also collaborated for the extra free time). So grateful for all the energy received, what I learned, the laughs, and the wonderful experience that led me to know myself more and better. I read somewhere that “it is not always about moving around but about learning how to stay still but in a different way“ Here I learned to feel inspired and open to whatever is coming to me. Nothing happens just because. I don’t know how I got to this amazing studio but it was right where I was supposed to be. Namaste 🙏

Mai Ahmed: I consider myself lucky for receiving my 200 Hr teacher training in Karma Yoga Studio, I attended many classes later in different places but never have I seen or felt what I have experienced in Karma studio. They teach yoga authentically and this leaves you with a very unique feeling that you rarely find anywhere else. I am forever grateful for the type of knowledge and high-quality practice karma yoga is offering!

Roxana Dragol: I just finished 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Karma Yoga! The studio and its atmosphere are so beautiful. Our amazing teachers Vanessa and Ioana are professional, kind, passionate, and dedicated and I learned so much from them. I felt so “at home” in this beautiful environment, most definitely I will come back to the studio any chance I get! ♥️🙏🏻

Olivia Nichols: I recently did my 50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Karma Yoga Dubai. It was an amazing experience and the studio was the perfect setting for it. The staff was always helpful and cheerful and nothing was a problem. The space is beautiful for a yoga studio with a great vibe and energy. If you are looking to advance your yoga practice or maybe even become a teacher Karma Yoga is a great place to start or continue your journey.

Doraliz Ortiz : Karma Yoga Studio is a sanctuary for yoga practitioners, my happy place. The studio itself is inviting and relaxing, and they have are many options for yoga classes and workshops. The teachers are prepared, hard-working, and dedicated. I just completed my Yoga Alliance teachers’ certification with them, met some wonderful people, and now have the opportunity to teach at the studio.

Syska Gulastrová: I can highly recommend Karma yoga studio for teacher training. It’s a wonderful environment with amazing teachers. The whole month during the training was the best one in 2020. I enjoyed it so much. It was not only teacher training but also a course on how to live my life better and happier. I will never forget this experience.

Yulia Mittova: I had a 200h yoga teacher training here. The atmosphere is very friendly, supportive, and healing. Ioana is the best. She is paying attention to each student with lots of care. Helping to grow. It was a very nice experience which I will never forget ❤️

Amy Pope: Karma Yoga and Leelah’s meditation teacher training course was an illuminating experience. Leelah leads us with an asana, pranayama, and meditation practice, which flowed beautifully each day of the course and reflected the energy of the room. She then shared her knowledge generously and encouraged participation in a calming and relaxed way. The course finished with us each leading meditations, which was incredibly special, to both participate in and facilitate. Thank you Leelah for helping me find my truest voice 🥰

Melissa Tweedie: Having just completed my 200hr teacher training at Karma Yoga Studio, I can’t sing it praises enough. It is much more than a training course, the space makes it feel like a retreat, that you enjoy going to each day. Not only do you come out of the training with a teaching certificate, allowing you to share your passion with others, but you are also fully equipped by the amazing teachers to do so. You go on a beautiful journey with the other students and teachers by your side to learn more about yoga from its roots and it also encourages you to look inwards and learn more about yourself. Even if you are not aiming to teach yoga, this little haven in Karma studio can provide you a wonderful space to take time aside for you and develop in many different ways. You will be welcomed by Cheska each day, and accompanied by Ozge, Ioana, and Leelah who will make you feel like family.

Andreea Vaduva: I decided to start my new journey towards the path that my heart craves with Karma Yoga and the 200 Yoga Teacher Training. The decision was made after I studied more studios and their teachers, Ioana Armeanu who was our main teacher, is absolutely an amazing teacher. With amazing teaching skills, you will learn anatomy in a blink of an eye and she will make it fun, she is kind and caring ❤️ Also all the teachers are so amazing I will start All over again anytime❤️ Francesca will help you with all the logistic part, she is an amazing soul 🙏 Thanks Cesca 🧘‍♀️ Now I am talking from a teacher perspective, what you will get from this Training, is confidence in yourself as a teacher, you will build up a new version of you, a better, more flexible and strong one, you will be able to teach your students your flow, safe and enjoyable. For me was a great experience ❤️🙏👏 Thank you Karma Yoga Team Namaste 🙏

Liza Makram Ibrahim: I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am to have signed up for the Yoga Teacher Training @Karma, I’m so grateful for such a wonderful experience, the very welcoming and kind teachers, the Bali vibes, the amount of knowledge I gained throughout the training, and for getting into meditation that’s helping me a lot in all aspects of my life, all started at Karma.

Myriam Soliman: I took my 200 YTT at KarmaYoga, the experience was amazing! We learned so much philosophy, anatomy, yoga sequencing. I was introduced to many things during my training, like chakra dancing, gong meditations, yoga nidra, different types of meditations and much more.
I am confident to teach my own class now and will actually start teaching at KarmaYoga in the community classes once a week.
I grew a lot during this journey and met some very awesome people.
Thank you KarmaYoga, for the experience of a lifetime

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