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Aylin Senol Sinanoglu
Medicine Woman

“My inner journey has been started when I was in the heart of corporate life. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] One day, I had a meeting with my colleague who was already in his spiritual journey.

All of sudden, he pointed my weakness side. He said; ` I was shining when other people said beautiful things about myself. My mood also went down when I was hearing animadversion things. ` I hadn’t known but also my inner journey has started at that day. Because he was right… At that time other people’s thought was always more important for me. Everything happens for a reason. My life changed in that meeting room, I have decided to take action…

After that meeting, I asked myself the “biggest“ and “longest“ question“ WHY?“
And then the second question was; will I change this situation?

First of all, I understood my emotions, patterns which dominated my actions in my life. I realized that if I wanted to change radically my life, I must discover and heal my emotional side.

This way of thinking, helped me to find out a lot of ancient wisdom and to travel the world for finding a healer. And then I totally changed when I was looking and trying new methods.

After all, I decided to go deeply in shamanic journey for myself. It was a sense: I`m feeling like a home when I’m in shamanic energy space. I felt I’m really close the nature. This my choice to help meeting my elder shaman and carry on me to become a medicine woman.”[/read]


Varun Simba Kapur


Varun Simba Kapur defines himself as a passionate rebel. A lover of life and natures gifts, he has developed an intricate connection with Pachamama (Planet Earth). [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]Simba’s mission is to help people connect with themselves and with our planetary intelligence & energies. He has always questioned the status quo and has traveled to over 45 countries interacting with fellow travelers, mystics, and gurus asking difficult questions and indulging in practices that have taken him to the depths of his being and beyond. His interactive and mindful sessions are designed to remind his clients to connect with their truth and live a life free of judgment, fear, and greed. Simba invites you to embrace your true calling and be the love that you are.

•Energy Healing: 1 on 1 healing sessions –
Reiki / Chakra Balancing
•Life Coaching: Tailor-made programs for
ultimate emotional, physical, spiritual and
mental health
•Meditation: Guided sessions to connect
with oneself[/read]


A certified NLP and Life Coach by RSCI Institute, accredited by COMENSA and FNLPCP (Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coaching Professionals).[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]My burning desire is to help others to grow, discover their talents and realize their full potentials as well as achieve their goals and make impossible to be possible. Being passionate about social and environmental responsibility issues, my effective and well-implemented coaching, mentoring and training plans add significant value to each organization. As an experienced Coach, I am a someone who can actually affect the world around, help people heal, grow, let go of burdens of the past, change limiting beliefs, break old habits and adopt new ones, change their perception and become whole again – undeniable benefits in any environment, creating shared value on many levels.[/read]

Hannah Kennett



Sara’s path to the ancient acts of healing began at 13,000 feet off of the ground.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] She sought after moments of stillness while in free fall during skydiving, where the only sounds you hear are the sounds of your breath and the collective noise of the universe. Her need to feel connected to earth and the energy of our universe was only actualized by the exaggerated movement of jumping out of a plane to land on earth with both feet planted on the ground. But a healing trip to a wellness retreat 6 years ago in Thailand was all it took for her to realize that observing your breath on the mat, and harmonizing that breath with the physical movement was a powerful act of connectedness matched by none, not even skydiving between the heavens and earth. This experience triggered a series of explorations into ancient healing practices including Feng Shui, Yoga, and then Reiki that lead to a formal training in all three practices.
Sara has obtained her advanced classical Feng Shui Practitioner Certification from her master in Hong Kong and has gone through professional training and excursions in one of the most prominent cities in Feng Shui Studies. She encourages her clients and students to seek knowledge on this topic from recognized traditional Feng Shui resources.
Sara not only works on your external Qi (energy) flow around you but also internally through yoga. She is a certified yoga instructor, and has received various training on Vinyasa flow from renowned teachers around the world and has been teaching for the past 3 years. She leads weekly classes and workshops in various places. She also teaches community classes across Lululemon stores in Dubai.
Also as a Level 3 Reiki practitioner, she compliments her sessions by different healing modalities.
Sara’s life calling is to help others connect. She facilitates the transformation of lives and surroundings through different healing modalities. She is also the curator of XYoga Dubai Festival where she aims to bring like-minded people from around the world together to help elevate consciousness within the community. She invites you to unravel the mysteries of connectedness and promises that you can achieve without needing a parachute. [/read]

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