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Sound Therapy Practitioner Training-Peter Hess Institute Germany

Sound Therapy Practitioner Training at Karma Yoga with Manan Sharma

When: 25, 26, 27th April, 2019
Timings: 10:30 am – 05:30 pm
Investment:  2850 AED
Facilitated by: Manan Sharma

INTEGRATED LEVEL I & II PRO in Vibrational Sound Therapy
A Form of Integrative Therapy

Details of Level I & II PRO :

This course is primarily devoted to learning about the singing bowls and experiencing the methodology and about the sound and the basics of Vibrational Sound Therapy technique using Sound Yoga® Singing Bowls & Gongs. The class also covers things such as care and cleaning of the bowls, tools, and how to buy bowls. The Core Module VST training includes information about personal use of the bowls for meditation and further techniques for using the bowls in a therapeutic session. In this workshop each student will have the first hands on training in using the bowls in a pre-described manner to provide a predictable outcome.

The aim of this course is to convey the Sound Yoga® Vibrational Sound Therapy as a holistic method and to familiarize participants with basic principles of the Sound Yoga® Vibrational Sound Therapy. You will have the opportunity to experience the whole process on yourself, receive your first instructions in VST application and as a result you will be able to independently perform the VST for Private & Professional use.
The purpose of this Level II training is to widen the application of VST from body to the non-material environment, i.e. bioenergetics field (aura). To encourage, refine and emphasize your awareness and appreciation of this area. To expand your sensitivity to this realm of being and to the sound. We also focus on the “power of consciousness”, the mental focus and inner attitude which is the base of the wholeness of our method and our actions as a VST practitioner.

Programme :

Aura, and it’s significance in the sound work. Aura awareness, sensing of the aura through our hands Sensing of the aura through sound of singing bowls and gongs Application of the singing bowls and gongs in the aura, aura painting, and packing Principles of grounding through sound Cleansing, strengthening and harmonizing aura with fen gongs Practicing new elements with basic Level 1 VST For Practitioner path follow with VIBRATIONAL SOUND THERAPY- Level II

What to Expect:
Hands on class in learning how to use Sound Yoga® highest grade of therapy bowls specifically designed 2 decades back for predictable outcome in on the body work with clients by professional therapists.

This is a class for therapists looking to do on the body sound work with their clients. The course is Three Days and is the prerequisite to the advanced series.

This is a class strictly in Vibrational Sound Therapy using singing bowls. The method is built on the Peter Hess Institut methods from Germany. We have condensed the class and are able to deliver all the material in Three Days because the students are all experienced in working with clients already in a professional setting. This allows us to maintain a finer focus on the subject matter and how to apply in a healing setting.

The Sound Yoga® Pro bowls penetrate deep to the core when used correctly. They are made of a proprietary blend of alloy metals and hand hammered and fired to specifications that create them of unique effective sound massage available in the world today. Our bowls are considered hospital grade in Europe and other parts of the world where sound vibration massage is being used for many years now.
The curriculum incorporates the use of Sound Yoga singing bowls and gongs, performing the work in the aura such as cleansing, strengthening, and harmonizing of the subtle body. Strengthening health in the holistic sense (as outside, so inside and vice versa). We will work on massage tables, and on floor mats with cushions.

Brief about Effects on Body & Benefits:
The harmonic sounds immediately convey feelings of safety and security, and quickly state of deep relaxation is achieved. The subtle sound vibrations are felt physically, spread gently over the skin, tissue, organs, bones and body fluids throughout the body. The muscles relax and blood circulation and lymph flow are stimulated. In the relaxation process, it regenerates breathing, heartbeat, pulse, skin resistance, blood pressure, metabolism and digestive system.
If you want to see someone smile and take their mind off their troubles, hand them a Sound Yoga® Singing Bowl. One tap with the magic wand and they feel the vibration resonating within their heart.
The Process of implementing singing bowls on BodyWork for therapeutic use to increase in Parasympathetic nervous system activity and decrease in Sympathetic nervous system drive. The relaxation response is initiated and the stress response is inhibited. This means Autonomic nervous system becomes balanced.

This unique therapy can make an existing SPA into Integrative & Functional Therapy Centre and can fill the void for GYMs / Yoga Studios / Fitness Centre / Physical Therapy Centres and Hospitals to some extent.
In various exercises you will learn the effect of sound. You receive and give a professional Vibrational Sound Therapy for:
1. The Full back & Front
2. Feet
3. Hands
4. The whole body
5. Use of Singing Bowls and Gongs around the body.
6. Meditation & Self Care Use
7. Group sound meditation Use
8. Various techniques to use singing bowls on aged and special need people
9. How to use them on people with wheel chair and those who cannot lying down.

The Sound Yoga® Pro bowls penetrate deep to the core when used correctly. They are made of a proprietary blend of alloy metals and hand hammered and fired to specifications that create them of unique effective sound massage available in the world today. Our bowls are considered hospital grade in Europe and other parts of the world where sound vibration massage is being used for many years now.

Class instruction includes:
How to access a client for a sound therapy session in a professional manner. How to create the right environment for sound therapy.
How to use the specifically designed mallets for this type work with bowls on the body sound massage. Choosing the right bowl for the application.
A short video on how sound vibration, sound waves actually occur and work as frequency vibrational therapy.
Partner practice and demonstration in the proper use of each bowl, various striking techniques.
Contraindications for certain types of techniques.
The timing of session and evaluating the prescribed course of treatments per client.
How to work with the elderly and various type clients.
The power of self Tonification. Harmonizing and creating the sound spectrum.
All about how singing bowls, in particular, create an entrainment effect on the brain through binaural beats.
What it takes to make a great sound practitioner. Who we are in our practice with our clients. How sound creates a new relationship to healing for the client.
How using a short amount of sound can create a more robust treatment for a practitioner. Why is sound work with Tibetan Tones® so successful?
Practitioners are taught how to induce the theta brainwave state with only 3 specific singing bowls and one small awakener bowl.
The difference between using Tibetan Tones® singing bowls and other electronic type sound brainwave therapy.
Sound Yoga® instruction booklet and other notes on sound will be sent via email for further study.

We have designed this class more for professional healers and practitioners because the object of a class is to as economically as possible introduce the power of Sound Yoga® therapy into various licensed therapeutic practices.

About Manan:
Manan’s extraordinary passion for developing new singing bowls, marvelous capability & long experience in this field provides him constant energy to do wonders in this field. Sound Healers from all over the World Benefits from his New Designs of Therapy Sound Bowls every year., He is the Master Facilitator of Sound Therapy Training Workshops in UAE, INDIA, NEPAL, Singapore, Hongkong etc.

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